an april morning

Out in the garden early yesterday morning, when it was cold after a clear night and  the April sun shone  brightly from a pale blue sky. Everything had that crisp feel that the best freshly-laundered  days wear. The air was full of the sounds of busy birds. A blackbird  noisily tore at the  coco fibre liners in my empty wall basket to build her nest, whilst her partner carolled a morning song from the roof.

The colony of a dozen or so sparrows nesting in my gutters were delighted I had dug over the small vegetable beds to make them a fresh new dust bathing area. Luckily no seeds yet occupied the spot, or the air may have been blue with more than just cold.

These pansies are just starting to flower-a favourite Spring combination of yellow and blue. It occurs in various places in the garden-pulmonaria and doronicum, muscari and primroses, cowslips and forget me nots.

Down in the pond, something small is stirring. Not the frantic seething and splashing of the mating  frogs, but the silent   results of their activity last month. The first tadpoles are just emerging from their jelly, resembling tiny salamanders with their  external gills . None are  yet free swimming, but soon they will be. A small miracle at the start of a beautiful day.


2 thoughts on “an april morning

  1. I am longing to get in the garden, but can’t until they find out what is affecting me. I almost felt I was there though Judith, thank you for another lovely post. Oh, btw the flowering crab apple we put in last year is covered in blossom and just getting ready to burst forth, so I may have a nice photo for the blog soon at least!

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