tiffany lamps

Like perfect miniature Tiffany lamps, Fritillaria meleagris thrive in this part of my garden. They never fail to thrill me with their floral display in April, and they are adoring the sunshine. And just for fun, two white-tailed bees (Bombus lucorum) are enjoying them too. (Bottom 2 pics. )


4 thoughts on “tiffany lamps

    1. Thanks Laura-they grow really easily from little bulbs planted in autumn when the crocuses go in! Mine seed themselves and are spreading beautifully.

    1. We are about 20 miles south of North Meadow but we usually go and see the fritillaries. One of the photos my husband took there last year is in the April issue of the Countryfile magazine!
      I love them and interestingly, the white ones seem to be spreading more in my garden.

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