there will be pears

and apples and currants and plums…..The fruit trees in the garden are in blossom-at least the pear and plum are, the apples are a little way behind-buds but no flowers. On the allotment there are strawberry flowers in abundance, the red and white currant flowers are nearly open, the blackcurrant dawdling.  Hurray-I am already looking forward to Summer pudding, pear tart and apple crumble, all of which lie in a warm and hazy future, whilst the reality is continuing cold winds and almost frosty night sustained by rhubarb crumble. Yum.

The rhubarb is the first new season crop from the allotment, being  a hardy beast. Mine don’t  get the benefit of a fancy forcing pot or even a bucket. I just let it grow in the open although this year I dumped some horse manure on it. It is yielding well.

The allotment is quietly stirring into life. The early potatoes are through, as are the first sowings of parsnips, spinach,beetroot, turnips and peas. A couple of April showers and a shift of the wind to the south-west and we will be motoring. How are your Spring plans progressing? Is anything yet starring in your garden?


9 thoughts on “there will be pears

    1. Hello and welcome Sylvana! It is being a wonderful Spring for blossom so far-isn’t it great to see after the dreary winter? All we need now is for those bees to get busy.

  1. I was thrilled to see bumblebees pollinating flowers on gooseberries bought as half-dead bargains only last october. Strawberries flowering too but everything else is waiting for RAIN.

    1. The white currant was a half dead bargain here! I am glad my neighbours plot is neglected (I will regret saying this later in the year) -the flowering weeds there are attracting the bees to our corner of the site and they spill over onto my fruit bushes. Made me realise I need some Spring flowers near the bushes-another rosemary would help.

    1. Excellent-could you post a picture of the Old Quince tree-it sounds wonderful? I stopped growing flowering currant because of the smell-blackcurrant is not as good, but still pleasant in flower, with the added benefit of …blackcurrants.

  2. Here in SW Suffolk our Cambridge gages and the damson are starting to blossom. Pear is just showing. Currants in flower but the strawberries and apples are still in tight bud.

    The ground is rock hard and dry as a bone. The brook is a mere trickle and the farmland has big cracks in it!!! We need April downpours borne on a warm south-westerly breeze.


    1. Ooooh yes, April showers-as long as they stay showery and don’t become another wet summer. Everything would benefit from a soaking- this weekend the weather is due to break, I think.

  3. Your post was making me hungry! I am planting my veggie seeds when I return fron hols – and I hope to get a trip to Ryton Organic gardens whilst away!

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