on the wing

I was thrilled to see this beautiful male Holly blue (Celastrina argiolus) flying in the garden last week.  It is seen here resting on a Juniper tree, and looks to be a freshly emerged specimen. It is a male-the females have a wider black margin to the wings.

The Holly blue is the earliest of the blues to be seen on the wing and chances are that if you see a blue butterfly in April, it will be a holly blue. There is plenty more information about them and all other British species at the Butterfly Conservation Trust.

The long settled dry spell is set to continue here for a little longer. We had only a very small quantity of rain over the weekend-nothing like enough to water the crops on the allotment, but such is life. It has been great weather for butterfly spotting and my list so far includes, as well as the one above :- Small White, Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Red Admiral, Brimstone, Orange Tip and Green Veined white.


7 thoughts on “on the wing

  1. I’ve never seen this beautiful butterfly before. I keep thinking it would be good to paint butterflies but I don’t think they would ablige by keeping still!

    1. Hi Emma- they are truly beautiful and I guess painting from photographs would be the only way-short of using “specimens”. I couldn’t bear the idea of killing them to paint them.

  2. Sorry, spelling error there, I meant ‘oblige’. I think living in France is having an impact on my ability to write in english!

  3. I somehow lost track of your garden blog Judith. Don’t ask me how? I have now bookmarked it again! I am pleased to have re-discovered you. I am always very pleased to see the pretty Holly Blues in my garden too. Such clear photos. x

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