apple blossom

Nectar and pollen rich and irresistible -apple blossom, here seen acting as The Ritz to -Bombus lucorum, the White tailed bee; Bombus pascuorum  the Carder bee and Apis mellifera, the honeybee. Have a happy May day.


4 thoughts on “apple blossom

  1. Great photos! You have definitely given me a new appreciation for the different types of bees. We weren’t so pleased, however, when a red wasp got trapped in our bathroom yesterday!

  2. Oh what gorgeous photos, Judith! We bought a solitary bee box whilst away and today purchased the new pond and a propagator for me! I’m rather behind you, but will be getting my veggie seeds in asap now (and then hopefully buying lots more spring bee attracting plants…) We had our first goldfinches ever today, and a brimstone butterfly – my wasteland is coming on apace! I’m so enjoying your posts, you are inspiring me!

    1. Thank you for your comments and for asking permission to use the apple blossom pictures with the bees. You are very welcome to use the images. They may be of use straight from the web but if they are not detailed enough for your purpose, please let me know and I will try to find the originals.

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