bee hotel

To Let

Brand new bee hotel in desirable south facing location in an organic Wiltshire garden, close to all amenities. Newly constructed of unseasoned timber and bamboo canes with vacant old terracotta pot upper storey. Prospective tenants welcome to inspect at any time. Apply within. Very reasonable  rates.

Yes-we made it. Or rather HE made it, following the instructions found at the RHS Garden Biodiversity website, although type bee hotel in any search engine and you can take your pick. They are all much the same.  Handsome, yes? The pot is actually to weigh down the drilled wooden posts and canes below. All we need now are guests like the one below to move in.

If I haven’t persuaded you yet of the need to be helping  bees, apart from the sheer intrinsic interest in knowing about them, there is a great video here. And if  you think I am the only one fascinated by them this spring, check out what Gretel did here.

After a glorious day on Saturday we finally had some usable rain yesterday, so I am off to do some hoeing of weeds and general maintenance on the allotment and also to finish making the new edged bed he also made me on Saturday.


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