more on nesting birds

My tame blackbird is busy again. She abandoned the nest I posted about here after one of her 4 eggs was robbed. I don’t know what by, although I suspect the magpies might be the culprits. She has been listlessly hanging around the garden for a while, begging for food every time I appeared outside, but on Saturday, during glorious weather, she set about building another nest-her third.

It has been a strange season-warm and dry in April, cool and dry in May. I wonder if the bird knew that there would not be sufficient food available to feed her first 2 broods and that is why she stopped sitting. It has been more than 2 weeks since she left the last nest and it has been cold all the while. The worms are well down in the soil and the aphids, slugs and snails have so far not really become established. The weather is now becoming summery and we have had a little rain, so perhaps the third nest-in the climbing rose above the patio doors, will be successful.

On a related note, John across the Pond  in Massachusetts has his artistic eyes on a nest of American robins and as well as photos, he is hoping to post short videos each day of their progress.


2 thoughts on “more on nesting birds

  1. Oh what a shame. Fingers crossed for a successful attempt this time. Today I found that a pair of nuthatches are brooding chicks in an old oak in the grounds of the hospice near my office. I will be taking my camera and trying to get some pictures!

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