Whenever I walk out into the garden at present I am immersed in  perfume, especially when the breeze is light. My garden is unashamedly an early summer garden-I love roses, honeysuckle, peonies and all 3 of those are flowering and scenting the air now. They are supplemented by the shrub Philadelphus “Manteau d’Hermine”, the small Philadelphus that is the right scale for my small space. It has a crisp, freshly sweet perfume.

But the crowning glory of the smells is the enormous flowering spike of the Cordyline australis, the New Zealand cabbage palm. It is a wonderful scent and seems to be very attractive to bees-it is one of the few plants I have seen honeybees on this summer, but it is so high up I can’t get decent photographs.

But I can get photographs of  sweet rocket, another sweet-smelling white flower. It seeds itself freely and although I pull many out, I leave enough to continue from generation to generation. On a whim I took my camera out a few night ago to see if I could capture moths with the flash. I knew they loved the rocket flowers. And look..

still to be identified. I love its tongue, drinking in the sweet nectar.

Edit-it is a silver Y moth-thanks Celia


4 thoughts on “fragrant

    1. Thank you for identifying the moth for me Celia-it was going to be one of several unknowns to puzzle out this afternoon. The scent is truly lovely at night-I imagine Titania’s Bower would be decorated with them.

  1. What a great photograph. A lovely post, I am sniffing happily! The bees in my nest box have turned out to be Leaf- Cutters, I shall endeavour to get some photographs….

    1. Thanks Jules. Exciting news about the leaf cutters. I’m sending you a video link of them working, by e-mail. I think I have them here too.

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