supporting bumblebees-the links

There is a fair bit of bumblebee news in the press at the moment. Great news is that the Bumblebee Conservation Trust (BBCT) has reached the finals of the National Lottery Awards final, due to be televised on the BBC on Saturday September 4th, in the environment category. The BBCT have produced a little video here-just ignore the brief advert at the start-it quickly goes into the film about the bees.

There are 3 finalists and the winner is chosen by public vote. If you have a love of the kind of wildlife that is so endearing and so accessible, please vote for BBCT. There is a voting form on the front page of their site here. And in the interests of fairness, if you want to see all three finalists there is information on the National Lottery Awards website here.

I could wax very lyrical about bees-in fact I have been all summer, but my prose is not a patch on the writing of Mark Cocker in the Guardian. Last week he wrote most beautifully about the bees in his garden. Like him, I have spent hours sitting amongst flowers with bees passing around me, oblivious of my presence, as they have collected nectar and pollen. Their activity probably means there will be more changes in my garden next year to increase the range of nectar rich species of plants.


4 thoughts on “supporting bumblebees-the links

  1. I’m loving all your work on highlighting the plight of the bee.

    To do my little bit for Mr Bumble Bee I’ve only harvested half my lavender crop this year as when I was doing the other half I felt so guilty taking away their food supply, they have rewarded me with daily visits and much pleasure in watching their busy antics.

    (And this from a girl with a Lavender business!!)

    Sue xx

    1. I’m thrilled you left some of your cash crop for the bees! Don’t they just love lavender? Hope you voted for BBCT too….: )

  2. Thanks Judith, I’ve voted and passed this on to other bee-friendly folk. Let’s keep everything crossed.
    Our wildlife population is continuing to increase, I’m pleased to say -I am almost sure that I spotted a hairy- footed flower bee, which was very exciting.
    Thank you for your kind words, I am glad to be feeling so much better.

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