There were nine plums on the pot grown Victoria on the patio. We had them for breakfast on Saturday, cool and fragrant fresh from the tree. Delicious.  I have promised the tree a new pot this autumn to spread its roots in, and perhaps next season there will be more.

Coloured pencil sketch in Moleskine notebook


9 thoughts on “plums

  1. Wow that is a lovely sketch! I bet the plums were delicious. Our quetsch tree seems to be losing a lot of its fruit before they ripen, and there’s not that much to begin with since the tree obviously hasn’t been pruned properly for years. I can’t wait to actually own our own house – I am going to plant a whole orchard! But maybe we could try some in pots in the meantime…

  2. Morning Laura-pots could be the way forward! This plum is almost certainly not on the correct dwarfing rootstock for pots, but with heavy pruning and a lot of food and water over the summer it has tolerated the pot, but I don’t expect it to be long lived unless I can find garden space for it. Sigh-I too dream of an orchard!

  3. Lovely drawing.

    I have an orchard, it’s called that on the farm plan, but there are no fruit trees in it only pigs! One day soon we will have our own place and then we really will have an Orchard! We have all the fruit trees ready planted in their own tubs, so that by the time we can re-plant them they will be nicely established, I hope our plan works, to have our own plums would be divine.

    Sue xx

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