new year

It’s September and  for aeons I have associated it with new year.  Having spent 29 years of my life in education, either receiving it or dishing it out, this is the time of new beginnings. Time to dust off, throw out; time for  fresh starts, new hopes. And in gardening and farming, a time for sowing  for next year.

This year I am not quite ready for the new. We spent a lovely long weekend away and returning home, the weather has turned back to summer gold and I don’t want to let go of  this season.

But the mornings are  cooler now, the leaves beginning to tumble. The urge to start tidying up is growing. I have read on several blogs that it is time to cut back flowering lavender, to keep the plants neat and to prevent them becoming woody. There is some excellent advice on the RHS website here about when to prune.  The plants in my garden have without doubt been the mainstay of the bumblebees this summer and they are still in flower. So I will be ignoring the pruning advice for now as the bees are still making extensive use of them. I might shear them over lightly to remove the spent flowers later on, but mine will be receiving their main haircut next spring.


8 thoughts on “new year

  1. Oh… please do leave the lavender heads on the plants, Goldfinches absolutely love the seeds and if you’re lucky a ‘charm of finches’ will arrive and snack on the tiny seeds 🙂

    Munching a freshly picked apple on a dewy chilly morning always reminds me of standing at the bus-stop at 7.30am waiting to catch the bus to school in town. New start, new term, new teachers…


    1. The goldfinches are here in numbers already-they adore the sunflowers I put out for them. I hadn’t realised before what a key plant for insects and birds lavender is. And gorgeous for humans too.

  2. Happy New Year!

    Your post reminds me… Many years ago, when I was lucky to work with old time farmers, I was taught to plant my peas in late fall. Sure enough, come next spring, those early shoots broke ground at just the right time.

  3. I am having a second flush, the roses are blooming, and the lavender has put out another beautiful crop of purple heads, geraniums and mallows are putting out new buds!

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