apples and hedgerow fruit

The apples have started falling. A couple of weeks ago I began  picking  up a few poor specimens and gradually better apples fell, indicating their readiness.  For the last few evenings I have enjoying drawing them, before eating them. The Worcesters are lovely this year- a decent size and sweet, but the Golden Delicious and Red Devils need a bit longer yet-they are still quite tart.

And speaking of tart, we went blackberrying on Saturday ready to make my favourite jam* and as well as ripe blackberries there was a bountiful crop of gorgeous blue sloes. If they tasted as good as they looked it would be a wonderful thing, but they don’t and need to be partnered  with something else to make them palatable, being one of the sourest tastes imaginable. Like gin. I haven’t made sloe gin before so picked some and intend to give it a go. Any recipe links gratefully received.

There were  enough to try out a new jam recipe-Blackberry and sloe, as well as sloe gin. This morning I made 4 jars of bramble jelly and 3 of blackberry and sloe and when I have tried it out on other taste buds, I will give you a verdict. (I thought it was delicious.) I used the same recipe for bramble jelly as usual-I posted about it here, three years ago. Goodness-three years of blogging. I have a real jelly bag now. I’m properly grown up.

*As a footnote for Trans-Atlantic readers, jam is what is called jelly in the USA, but jelly in this post is a smooth textured jam, the result of fruit pulp being strained through a very fine mesh to result in a lovely smooth jam. For those of us who are not fans of blackberry pips. Or sloe stones.


6 thoughts on “apples and hedgerow fruit

  1. Blackberry is my favourite too-it has such a lovely rich flavour. Thank you for visiting and for your kind comments-you are welcome anytime

  2. Berries bubbling away on the stove during jam/jelly/preserve preparation have the best aroma anywhere… anytime! I haven’t made jam in a while but I remember the glorious way the house smelled while I was doing it. Love your apple pictures, too. ;0)

    1. Hey Marty-great to hear from you and I hope you are keeping well. You could make jam in that fine new kitchen of yours-if the heat has subsided a little. 🙂

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