Everything seems to be orange here at the moment, indoors and out.  The tomato chutney is made and as if in celebration, my Bishop of Llandaff dahlia  has just flowered after surviving last winter’s bitter cold and this summer’s slug attack. Bless it. Here is the first flower, wearing Wednesday’s  raindrops and with the spectacular orange dahlia I bought as Lady Darlene behind it. I can’t confirm it really is Lady Darlene-every picture I see of it looks different.

There are still plenty of buds on the dahlias, as well as on autumn flowering sedums and asters. Of the summer flowers, seed-grown Cosmos are still flowering abundantly and on the allotment, a calendula mix  has performed brilliantly. I was going  to clear it out today from the bed where I took down some bean canes, but there were still honeybees and hover flies feeding, so I have left it.  Has anyone else had a flowery success story this year?

I was interested to see that my autumn flowering raspberries have sent out new flushes of flowers after shedding much of the earlier fruit because of the dryness of the summer here. With an abundance of pollinating insects still about there may be some late fruit, depending on how soon we get frosts. And the forecast for the weekend is cold.


2 thoughts on “autumn

  1. Wow, spectacular photos! We were hoping to take out our tomato plants and make chutney this weekend but have ended up having to work :\ We need to get to it soon though!

  2. I had to pull up the tomatoes this morning! What a gorgeous dahlia. My flowery surprise was last years calendula and nasturtium seeds which both came late and were unexpected! but are stunning.

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