waving at you

We have just returned from  a truly memorable and wonderful holiday in New England-hence the absence from here. I am still processing the sights and sounds and experiences and as I know just how boring other people’s holiday photographs can be, will (mostly) spare you here.*

My over-riding impressions were of the scale-how far it is from town to town, state to state; how heavily forested the landscape is-a real surprise; how beautiful the countryside, how open and welcoming the people we met. On some new level I understand the call of this  land and all its promise. Thank you , America , for a kaleidoscopic glimpse of colour and sparkle on this traveller’s journey.

* There are pictures on Flickr-see the link in the right sidebar  of the blog  if you want to see lovely New England in the Fall. I will be adding to them over the next few days.

7 thoughts on “waving at you

  1. *waves madly* welcome back! I’m glad you had a fab time and I’m looking forward to seeing ALL your photos 🙂

    Karen is coming to stay on Sunday (until Wednesday), so I’m hoping we can all get together soon…

  2. Glad you had a good experience in my home country! It can be a wonderful place, full of natural beauty everywhere you look. New England is particularly stunning in the fall as well. We were thinking of moving to Vermont a couple years back after I had finished my masters degree, but still find ourselves in France somehow!

  3. I’ve just returned from my travels too (waves)

    Yes, I remember the vastness of the forests – hope you saw the leaf colours in the sunshine. We had to drive a very long way trying to outpace the rain when we visited!


  4. somehow I must be quiet dense as I couldn’t find the flickr link. It’s silly really. I live in the heart of new england and have thousands of pictures of my own right at my finger tips. Plus I can just walk out the door and see it up close and personal. But am also always quite interested in what others choose to capture and how it looks to them as a visitor …

  5. Hi Acey and thanks for coming here. I have been moving things about on the blog-the Flickr connection is in the right hand side bar now, below the Category cloud.
    I understand what you mean about familiarity and how others see what is new to them but “home” to you. What I can’t capture here are the sounds of this new -to- us -place. They was the first things I noticed-the crows sound different-familiar but a different pitch.

  6. Hi Judyth, Thank you for finding me in my new spot. I’ve missed so much … but am glad to hear you enjoyed some Autumn in New England… with the garden being put to bed soon, I’m sure you’ll be finding your way back to cloth and fibers. Hugs to you!

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