new year blue skies

The bitterly cold December has given way to a regular January, at least here. We had a bracing walk yesterday morning, frost underfoot when we set off, but melted by the time we returned.

The sky was that wonderful shade of January blue, and very welcome after days of relentless, gloomy grey. Our walk took us through this beech hangar of mature trees at one of the high points of the Wiltshire Downs, magnificent in their bareness. Beeches do have very fine bones.

I spent a little time in the garden in the afternoon beginning the spring tidy up-pruning overgrown roses and clematis and thinking about whether to have a major refurbishment of the borders. I am determined to continue the work I stared last year of providing nectar rich varieties of flowers for the insects to feed on, especially as I have high hopes the occupants of the bee hotels will have survived the bitter weather. I just need a little less breeze and at few more degrees, and the digging fork will be coming out of its winter storage.


4 thoughts on “new year blue skies

  1. It’s funny to see other people with dry yards when mine is covered in snow — I’m usually the one with the brown winter. I can relate to worrying about your bee hotels — my honeybee hive is covered in a blanket of white. I hope it doesn’t kill too many of them.

    1. We have already had a fair covering of snow this winter Eliza-and I am now wondering if the current temperatures in the mid 50’s Fahrenheit might not be more damaging to the bees. Fingers crossed for them.

  2. A lovely walk indeed, Judith, to drain some of that restless energy that spade, fork and gardener have at this time of year. Your bees have much to look forward to so hope they are surviving in their hotel.

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