first sightings

I have managed a few bursts of garden activity this week, mostly involving the accumulation of a vast pile of rose prunings, and driven by the relatively mild and sunny gaps in the weather early on in the week. I was happy to be out with the birds, already pairing up and singing, and the blue sky, and the fattening buds of crocus and daffodils, hellebore and snowdrop. My first snowdrop was open on Wednesday-I notice I am a few days behind VP. I think my exposed hilltop site, amongst other factors,  may be responsible for the difference in opening times between our flowers. We are setting up a bit of an experiment to investigate that which I will tell you about soon.

On the subject of noticing the  signs of Spring, you may or may not know the website Nature’s Calendar, where UK readers can record first sightings in their area of a wide range of species, such as the first snowdrop, frog spawn, brimstone butterfly or bud burst of various species. It is a fascinating way of tracking how Spring progresses across the UK and in time, the records will have built up into a good data set of how (if) the appearance  and potential behaviour of species is changing.

Have a good weekend.


6 thoughts on “first sightings

  1. What variety of bird is that, the slate-gray-blue one with the berries in its mouth? I’m in Canada, don’t know all your birds over there!

    1. Hi Betty and welcome to the garden! It is a male blackbird-the act of reproducing the painting for the blog has toned down the colour quite a lot. In real life they are very black.

    1. Most of my snowdrops are still at the foliage and developing bud stage-the one that is out is a rogue, I think, Janet!

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