fair maids of february

FEBRUARY fair maids,
All along the lane,
Dancing with the breezes,
Nodding to the rain,
Whispering tales of Springtime
Through the snow and sleet,
February fair maids,
Brave and bright and sweet.

“Snowdrops.” by Norah M. Holland (1876-1925)

There is something so perfectly formed about snowdrop flowers. Small, white without a hint of colour, I doubt if we would think so much of them if the appeared in June. But in February, they are the most treasured and welcomed of the early flowers and a  sure sign that winter is beginning to fade

Have a splendid weekend and may the treasures of your early spring be abundant.


5 thoughts on “fair maids of february

  1. The titular crown indeed for these white bells that lead the way for all the flowers that are yet to come. Your lovely header shows the crisp green and white contrasts that make these flowers our February favourites though mine are not yet blooming and alas do not multiply and thrive all along the garden, let alone the lane!

  2. I love the poem… I also love snowdrops. Spring is still far away here. It is currently -25c with a wind chill warning tonight… -40c. Reading about snowdrops is much better than contemplating the cold.

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