it’s a bee-autiful day

Blue sky, sunshine, a flush of spring flowers, and a Queen bee. A poor shot on the scruffiest primula she could find, (a blue one, naturally. How they love blue flowers) but the first sighting of a Bombus terrestris -Buff tailed bee-this year. Crazily, there were 2 other species on the wing although moving too swiftly for identification, and a butterfly-ditto, but almost certainly an overwintering adult out of hibernation for the day. They might all go back into shelter again if next week’s weather forecast of overnight frost and rain turns out to be accurate. But today- a little glimpse of what is to come. And I have cut back the raspberries and cleared out the pond, spotting 5 frogs as I re-potted the lilies and iris.  All is good. Happy weekend.


4 thoughts on “it’s a bee-autiful day

  1. Sounds perfect. And productive. I really need to get on and divide my irises and at least attempt to clear some of the much out of the pond before the frog chorus starts keeping us awake again. Am impressed that you can identify types of bee, to me a bee is a bee is a bee, something I really ought to rectify.

  2. Janet, it was spotting the seething in the water that made me sort out the pond before the spawn season gets going. It’s been a long time since I did mine and I have left plenty of silt at the bottom as I know there are dragonfly nymphs in it.
    As for the bees- if you spend much time here you will see I a little bee-sotted! I will try to post some pictures to help recognise the seasonal bees as they appear.

  3. Ah Judith, this is such a welcome contrast to my previous dreary post. Your words and images are full of light and hope and you’re one of the first to spot the bees in the UK. Love the colour variegation in the Violas.

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