the palette changes

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The last day of February, and already the early signs of Spring-the snowdrops, are giving way to the next wave, the more colourful harbingers of March, the daffodils. I wish the snowdrops stayed longer, but like all good things they are delightful while they last and leave us wanting more.

I planted a great many crocus bulbs last autumn as an early treat for newly emerging bees. The crocus display is spectacular, but I fear it will be over before my main intended beneficiaries emerge from hibernation. It has turned cold here again and the wind is from an uncharitable easterly direction. There are no bees on the wing and I am hoping their absence is delay due to the weather rather than death in hibernation.

Yesterday’s walk on the hills above the Avon Vale revealed hedgerows festooned with hazel catkins in their glory, wonderfully coloured willow shoots, yellow, lime and orange and nestling at the feet of  beech trees, the first wild primroses and celandines. The season is shifting into another gear, but it is a slow starter this time. March looks set to come in reasonably quietly, but if it really is a lamb, will need a warm woolly coat tomorrow and for the rest of this week.


2 thoughts on “the palette changes

  1. I think I can count on the fingers of one hand the hours my crocus have actually been open – no sun to tempt them, so probably just as well there are no bees yet. There is a comforting buzz from the apiary up near the allotment site though. Personally I will gladly put up with some more cold weather if it is accompanied by some sun! Your walk reminds me I need to visit Wickwar Woods, always spectacular in Spring.

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