My poor blog is languishing in a neglected and unweeded corner  of my life, although I am happy to report that the real garden and allotment are in fine and productive heart. That is the main reason why the virtual world is looking somewhat unkempt-with a Spring as wonderful as we have enjoyed I have spent little time indoors computing.

Pretty things are growing in the garden-these pictures were taken last week and a whole new gallery of flowers have opened and are opening each day. On the allotment I found the first ripe strawberries today-so early, so delicious and so beautifully pollinated by the little solitary bees back in April.

I hope to spend a little time here, pruning, cultivating, weeding, organising over the next couple of weeks. And there is the other blog  too if you fancy a peep while I tidy up.


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  1. Here’s a very hurried hello and a *wave*.

    Hope to catch up with you soon. I’m off to Malvern tomorrow and then I think you’re away? Hope you have a fantastic time and let’s catch up when you’re back 🙂

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