celebration flowers

I have been a little absent from here lately, enjoying family occasions and planning for the future. 2012 looks set to be quite a year here at Spideracres and it began two Saturdays ago when my son married his delightful partner in Cambridge.

There were friends and family, a lovely baroque setting, a whole day and a night of celebrations, flowers and champagne, a wonderful bride made wedding cake, rose petals for throwing (carefully saved and dried since last summer) and a dance band that even had me and both of my left feet dancing.

It was a day we spent smiling and laughing, hugging and crying (a little), catching up with news, meeting old and new family members, aged from 4 days to nearly 90 years and I wouldn’t have changed a single thing about it, except I wish I could have lived it twice. Here’s wishing them all that is precious and wonderful for the future.

Published by thredspider

Observer, recorder, ponderer, walker of paths, tiller of soil, "pursuing other interests"

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