vegetable gardening

Another week travelling around the UK, but it is time for an update from my lovely corner of Eden.

My new vegetable garden is bordered on 3 sides by a beech hedge, newly trimmed as you can see, and on the 4th side by a large wooden storage shed and the 6 x 8 foot  greenhouse. There are  8 timber edged beds, only one of which has a crop at the moment-caterpillar chewed cabbages, but I noticed a few broad beans emerging in another bed.

The previous owners have clearly loved this space and the soil is good, enriched with manure from the horses next door. The corner posts will be useful to fix anti-pigeon netting and it may help as deterrent against the rabbits that also live next door. That leaves the pheasants and mice, slugs, snails, aphids and butterflies to bewilder, and we will be away.

There are a couple of soft fruit bushes in the bed behind where I stood to take this picture. One is a gooseberry, the thornless, pink-fruited “Captivator” and a currant, probably a red currant. I brought a blackcurrant with me from Wiltshire, Ebony, and have yet to decide where to plant it. The bed where the soft fruit is already planted is a little shady because of the hedges, but I don’t want to use the more open beds you can see in the photograph  for a crop as permanent as fruit bushes, or for the gifted raspberry canes I need to plant too. More pondering is required here.

I have made a start on greenhouse sowings. Last weekend, on that glorious Saturday we all seemed to enjoy, I sowed two winter lettuce varieties, Chartwell and Winter Gem and some microgreens. I was thrilled to find  the latter had germinated when we came back from Cambridge yesterday. I hope to find some autumn broadbean seeds when we go out on a shopping expedition tomorrow to add to the self seeded ones. In time I will order over the internet, but things are not yet that organised here.

Have a splendid weekend everyone. We have a 10 mile walk planned for Sunday and I am hoping it will be a lovely day for it.


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