From the bottom of the garden there are lovely views over the River Teme  meandering across its flood plain below us. There are oxbow lakes off to the left with a colony of Canada geese grazing their banks and on the river we regularly see Mute swans, or rather more often hear the strong whoosh of their wings as they fly along the course of the river.

It was a good day for birds today. A red kite hunted overhead whilst a buzzard was mobbed by the rooks that have suddenly become noisy. There are always buzzards about here, and the kites have been over quite frequently. I saw a bird of prey cloaking its kill in the water meadow but by the time I had fetched the binoculars for a closer look, it had gone.

We put up the posts for the cordon apple trees this afternoon, having prepared the bed earlier this week. It looks as if we will be ready for the trees when they arrive later on this month. There are 2 overgrown,mature trees in the garden too and as both are reasonably healthy we may have a go at renovating them. One, excitingly, is carrying mistletoe. How splendid id that?

One of the next jobs is to weed some of the beds and cut back some of the tallest perennials to a more manageable height. Another job will be to edge the beds to control the spread of grass into them. That in itself will keep me quiet this winter, as there are some hefty borders here. Very excitingly I have been finding hidden plants and some of them still carry fragile plant labels.I love knowing what varieties of plants are growing here, especially as there are acid lovers in my life now, a rare treat after living in Wiltshire for nearly 2 decades.My star discovery so far is an in bud Hammamelis intermedia ‘Diane’ that is being overshadowed by a large and as yet unidentified shrub. My shrub knowledge is being challenged and found woefully lacking at the moment.Time to add a book to my Christmas list I think.


4 thoughts on “autumn

  1. I bet you have months of happy discoveries awaiting you! After sniffing witch hazels many a time, I know how precious that discovery must be, Re shrub identification – look no further than Jim Gardiner’s Encyclopedia of Flowering Shrubs.

      1. Good choice 🙂

        It was amazing. Michael made a speech at the end and thanked me for doing all the stuff on the blog and sending the motivational tweets which helped him get through the Olympic Trials. I never dreamed this kind of thing would happen – got a bit emotional 😉

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