a last breath of summer

After the cold weather of last weekend  the start of this week was milder and damper, allowing us to plant the cordon apple trees that were delivered by hand on Saturday from Jasper Trees of Leominster. The trees are lovely, sturdy one year old maidens and all are safely planted in their new bed and have been toasted in cider to welcome them. We will celebrate properly on Old Twelfth Night, January 17th, when the baby orchard will be wakened,evil spirits, should any have dared to wander in, driven away and the health of the trees toasted in the custom of wassailing.

In the meantime, we hope they will start to settle in to their new quarters and the final tree for the cordon that Jasper Trees don’t stock will be  delivered soon.

I gathered a last bouquet from the garden yesterday. As well as the white scabious, asters and geum, three different roses are still blooming. I don’t know what the white one is. It grows on long arching stems and looks as if it should be treated as a climber. The pink rose in the centre is Brother Cadfael and the large pink buds belong to Spirit of Freedom,  both of them being David Austin roses and both beautifully scented. There are still Marguerites and gazanias in flower in containers, but generally the summer planting is going to sleep for the winter, while the winter stars are  not yet shining. I can’t wait to see what appears.


One thought on “a last breath of summer

  1. have to keep reminding myself it’s almost december .. we’re having a lovely mild november .. bit of wind and rain .. many days for planting and transplanting .. we have some cordoned apples planted in our community garden which produced some beautifull apples this year for the first time .. i think they were planted 3 years ago .. it’s a marvellous way to do apples ..

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