wreathThe shortest days are here and in my world that means it will soon be Spring. I tell myself this each year to keep me going. I have never been a big fan of the dark of December, although breaking the routine of going to work, leaving in the dark and returning in the dark and never seeing the garden from one weekend until the next has really helped.

Today I made a couple more Christmas decorations using prunings from the garden. This one has moss raked from the lawn wired around it and a mixture of Corsican Pine, dwarf laurel, Viburnum tinus and mistletoe in it. I have hung it from the lantern by the back door where we see it every time we come in and out. Ours is a back to front house with the back door being our main entrance and only the postman using the front door!hearth

It will soon be time to think about putting some plans into action for the garden. I want to see how things develop here, but I would like to replant a shrub border to contain flowers for cutting. I shall enjoy thinking about what I want to grow whilst sitting in front of the fire.


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  1. what I like most about your wreath Judith is that it is not symmetrical and has an assortment of green textures swishing round at various angles. I guess we call it a wreath in anticipation of the death of winter – shortest day soon 🙂

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