porch the-ol'-homesteadI know, snow pictures- but it was pretty here.

This is a view of our front door, used only by the post man/woman and the milk/paper delivery man; everyone else comes to the back door. When the garden was landscaped this sloping area was terraced with railway sleepers and then gravelled. The house is on the west side and so the garden begins to be  in shade from early afternoon .

There are already some ground huggers creeping over the gravel, sedums, dianthus, mossy saxifrage, geraniums and the like, but there is plenty of bare naked gravel and it seems to be calling with a little siren voice “Plant into me, plant into me..”

So while the weather has been pretty but not great for gardening I have been dreaming about making a gravel garden. My dreams so far have drifted along the lines of planting a couple of specimens of Stipa gigantea, a few Agapanthus brought from the last garden, Verbena rigida, Alliums of various kinds, perhaps some shorter grasses and Helianthemum. I seem to be in the purple,blue, pink spectrum, a favourite colour palette.

It might be nice to add something dramatic too, in a pot perhaps, like an Agave parryi or Cordyline. I am now in no doubt that winters here will be harder, longer, colder than in Wiltshire and as I now have a greenhouse, I can offer some protection to the slightly susceptible.

Well, all that dreaming about desert plants has warmed me up nicely. I hope all is well with you. Have a good weekend.


6 thoughts on “dreaming

  1. You live in a very beautiful house. I’m glad our garden calls ‘plant into me’ too, I thought mine was the only one that did that!

  2. I do love grasses in gravel, they seem a perfect combination, and a split level garden offers exciting design possibilities! The colour scheme will look great too.

    I wish I could have alliums. I planted some last spring and the mice had the lot… along with every other bulb it would seem!

    1. I have my fingers and toes crossed that the mice haven’t scoffed the little bulbs in pots I planted too. Crocus are through, but nothing else yet. I shall assume it is so early things will arrive in their own good time.
      Good luck with those bookcases!

  3. Winter dreaming is the perfect past time for otherwise frustrated gardeners. Maybe some evergreen carex and a euphorbia or tow would add early season colour and all year interest to your gravel garden- which sounds like the perfect thing to do with your terrace.

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