Iris-reticulata-1Firstly, thanks to everyone who either commented or wrote or Twittered to me about the last post. There were some really interesting suggestions to add to my pondering list for the gravel garden, including Evening primrose, Purple toadflax, Carex sps and Euphorbia.

Today was very mild and on my daily procession around the garden I found a new star blooming. This is the first iris of Iris-reticulata-2the year, flowering in a west facing bed adjacent to the house. I have been watching the fat buds steadily rising from the soil. Untroubled by the cold and snow, today they surged up in the mild, rainy conditions and by this evening 5 flowers had opened.

I think the variety is Iris reticulata “Katharine Hodgkin”, pale blue and lemon with beautifully marked flowers. It is not one I have grown before and I hope the flowers survive a few  days before the slugs find them.

I am watching the bulbs pushing through the soil with great excitement, not knowing what will appear. There will be daffodils in profusion but I think not a single snowdrop. Our neighbours down the hill have hundreds on the banks adjacent to their cottage, but they haven’t migrated up the hill. Going to need a helping hand I think. Snowdrops in the green are added to my list.


6 thoughts on “perfection

  1. Apart from the lack of snowdrops it does appear as though you’ve got the makings of a classy garden there. “Katharine Hodgkin” is on my list, and isn’t she a beauty.

    1. She is a very fine lady indeed. I have always planted Harmony before because I love the cobalt blue colour so this is a very welcome change. There are 8 flowers open now….:-)

  2. its so exciting, isn’t it, wondering what bulbs the previous gardeners chose, waiting to see colours. I didn’t inherit any snowdrops either, and unlike you I haven’t seen any around here as yet. I plan to try some bulbs in the Autumn. Hopepe you find some real treasures popping up, that iris is a winner.

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