February garden walk

Dramatic sky with electricity wires

So here we are trotting into February and late winter/early spring. Two days of brisk winds have dried the garden surface well and here on my glacial soil where the drainage is sharpish I was able to spend three glorious hours working in the garden.

That ongoing chore, edging the beds continues and joy of joys, I keep discovering the promise of lovely plants to come. Or at least, the labels of lovely things that were there. There is, alas, no sign of a tree peony near its label. Shame. Or a camellia.  But new leaves of a white  Astrantia major “Moira Reid” are just peeping through, as are the new leaves of  Tiarella ‘Spring Symphony’ beneath the Mistletoe apple trees. It is a bit of a chore doing the edges, but being down on my hands and knees is the quickest way of learning about what is here.

iris-clumpI have been cosseting the two old apples we pruned in late autumn. I weeded out creeping bent grass, dandelions , the odd blackberry and nettle, all growing, which tells you the season is progressing. Afterwards I sprinkled sulphate of potash  on the soil and worked it gently in. I am not very hopeful for one of the trees but will give it at least this season before deciding whether it can be saved or needs to come out. If pruning and feeding and hopefully a decent growing season don’t do the trick, I don’t know what will.

A little walk around tprimroseshe garden with me after all that digging? A spotted hellebore has joined the dark purple one. There are still two more to open their flowers . I cannot understand why I have not grown hellebores before. Oh yes, lack of space.

Under the Corsican pines coloured primulas are blooming their little heads off and beside the barn the Iris reticulata clump is in full flower. It’s about to be joined by some bright blue ones.

It is these little discoveries that brighten this part of winter, especially as there is so much that needs doing still. What is your next priority, garden wise? I’ve still got the rest of the edging, two boundary hedges to cut, the pond to clear…..and that’s before I start on the seed sowing. I am so glad I am happiest in the garden.

spotted hellebore


5 thoughts on “February garden walk

  1. Beautiful hellebore. I must definitely get some Iris ready for next year too.

    Our priority this year will be more tree thinning. I’d cleared a large area of semi woodland, more or less ready for planting. But when the trees came fully into leaf last year it threw the whole thing into deep shade. Some of them need to come out.

    And then there’s new raised beds for the veggies this year too!

    1. Trees are great but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and remove them, so good luck with that. I really want to take out or at least reduce the size of one of our 4 Corsican pines.Yes, raised beds are great. I find they are a bite sized chunk of garden I can cope with psycholgically. I used to find a whole allotment too daunting but chopping an area into beds seems to make it all so much more manageable.

  2. Always melt when I see those mini blue and buttermilk irises. What a scenic spot and such a great space you have to work in Judith. Spring is stirring in the sun (after the snow and their drops!) and there is much for your readers to look forward to 🙂

  3. there’s so much to see right now, isn’t there! .. cyclamen, hellebores, iris reticulata, crocus, winter aconite .. the first bloom for them .. such an exciting time of year .. especially living where you can see what’s going on .. i’ve just finished seaweeding all the beds, and will lay down some manure soon .. pulmonaria, jetfire narcissus, poppies growing at an amazing rate .. my next project is to start working on pruning the kiwi and clematis .. then, on to the first steps of removing a large clump of sedges and a vigorous variegated grass .. that’s one i’m procrastinating on a bit .. yeah, think i’ll do the clematis and kiwis first .. oh, and grape hyacinths abound .. wonderfull! ..

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