in the green

Last Sunday we walked in the South Shropshire hills and one of the highlights was passing  through a woodland carpeted with snowdrops. I cannot imagine ever tiring of the simple beauty of the February fair maids. Whether it is because the profusion of flowers is so welcome after the dead leaves and bare earth of November, December and January, or the simplicity of the blooms in their purity against a dark background, or because they herald the start of a new growing season or some combination of these I cannot tell. I just  know that I look for snowdrops more eagerly than for  any other flower that blooms in the garden.

Galanthis nivalis growing in my old garden in Wiltshire last February

There are so many varieties to choose from, all nuanced variations on the theme of white with green markings. But for me, they don’t need to be expensive, strangely marked, yellow, double, extra tall or balloon shaped to appeal. Plain Galanthus nivalis, the simple single,  is all I need, preferably in carpet quantities.

I have said on here before there are no snowdrops in this garden and so I ordered my first 100 in the green last week from Naturescape.  They arrived promptly and in lovely condition.  I have planted them and there will be pictures soon. And probably another order.

Double snowdrops also growing in my Wiltshire garden last spring

With staggering timing, when I went to inspect the newly planted bulbs after the frosty night we had Wednesday, I found  a newly flowering clump of snowdrops under the oak tree. I swear they were laughing at me.

And to further compound my wrongness, I bought a pot of double snowdrops on Ludlow market because they were pretty. Yes, I really like singles, but I like the ballerina skirts on these. And I have seen a picture of a yellow marked variety I like too….Oh dear, the slippery slope.

The snowdrops will be in flower for the next couple of weeks and there are plenty of places to see them. If you are out and about this weekend, let me know where you see any. This time last year we visited the breathtaking display at Painswick in Gloucestershire. I wrote about it here.


7 thoughts on “in the green

  1. Love your header photo!

    Snowdrops are wonderful. Watching them coming up keeps me going through the dark days of January. We must have hundreds here, but they are spread thinly and mostly covered by brambles. So much work to do to get it looking lovely.

    1. At least you know they are there and can be restored to glory when you have time/energy. You could always move a couple of clumps somewhere more cultivated so you a can have guilt free enjoyment!

  2. Either the squirrels or birds have been digging up the snowdrops in the front garden. I’ve taken the opportunity to rehome them in some of the gaps. An order for 100? That’s most restrained 😉

    1. Excellent plan. Yes, the restrained 100. I wanted to satisfy myself about what I was getting first. Top class outfit I used so there will be more. Also, so many things to do I needed to find the time to plant them!

      1. Hmm. The small picture was really quite promising, I was prepared to be charmed at the idea of partnering them with primroses, or dainty daffs. But the enlarged version left me cold – they just look wrong to me! Sorry… Guess I am a trditionalist…

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