a winter and spring week

snow-drops-and-aconitesGoodness, it has been a mad week for weather!  On Wednesday it snowed for most of the day and although there was no great accumulation, it was enough to be winter. The snowdrops by the back door certainly lived up to their name but by evening the snow had turned to rain and the melt began. By Thursday the river was in flood again, carrying the meltwater and rain  off the Welsh hills and winter was briefly put aside for a taste of Spring.

Up on the bank where I planted the new snowdrops, they have started to flower after the drenching. The soil has been washed down around their roots and they certainly look happy enough with the sun shining on them. I know they are woodland plants but curiously the best display down the lane where there are thousands of them is on the sunny side of the lane or at the gateway where the sun shines through. Has anyone else found theirs like sunny spots when they can get them?

new-snowdropsSo I have spent the day working on the garden, making the most of it being both milder and drier. I was actually working in a sweater today having shed the coat and the body warmer. I know! Daring! I’m trying to get on with the backlog of jobs as well as preparing a new bed for summer perennials. Happy gardening if that’s what you are doing this weekend.


4 thoughts on “a winter and spring week

  1. They seem happy in both sunshine and light shade here.

    We’ve had a couple of dry days now and I’m hoping that, with the breeze as well, the soil will finally dry out enough for me to get on it. There’s certainly enough to do!

  2. I’ve heard several people say the same about snowdrops – maybe if the soil conditions are OK that’s all that matters? Isn’t it great to be gardening outdoors in the sun? I even had lunch outside today! Mind you, there was frost on the ground for most of the morning…

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