beating the gloom

We were away at the weekend with our lovely younglings in the grey and brooding Fens. There were snow flurries and a biting Nor’Easter and a walk beside the River Ouse was, well frankly, not the most fun although the pub afterwards made up for it. Returning home we have  lowering cloud or mist and the same wind, although I feel it is fractionally less keen here. Further West.

A garden chores day today, taking mounds of vegetation to the dump followed by a cheery bonfire of the stuff that wouldn’t fit into the car. Then raking out dead vegetation from last years flowering perennials and before I knew it, another wheelbarrow was full to overflowing. There are new shoots pushing up, slowly, slowly, as this cold spell has put the brakes on everything again, but few new flowers. So just a short selction to brighten the gloom for your enjoyment.


12 thoughts on “beating the gloom

    1. Welcome Countryidyll! I think this clump of daffodils must be quite sheltered as the majority are still only in bud. I think we may be a little further on than you, but not much this year. It has been a long old winter.

  1. A glorious photo today! This year, for the first time, I plan to keep track of just how much I pull out of the garden. We have to recycle what we don’t compost in paper bags…since I have only a small compost area, that means many, many bags. I’e carved a rubber stamp of the bags and plan to see how many it adds up to. I always tell people it’s a wonder there is any garden left at all! 🙂 No garden chores for me this week…we’ve had 2 big storms with a total of 18 inches of snow. It’s a record for us in February, and this time it’s welcome as we’ve suffered with an awful drought.

  2. So much snow Jeanette! And that is a good reason not to be gardening. We have had a cold winter by English standards, but nothing like yours, and if the snow helps to put the drought right, that is good.
    I like the idea of counting the compost bags. I have space but we make a lot of prunings and clippings and are still working out how much we can deal with and how much we are just going to haul away to be composted at the local green recycling facility.

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