is it nearly spring yet?

landscape-BucknellI’ve been hibernating. There hasn’t been much chance to do anything else really, and next to the wood burner is the cosiest place to be. Hibernating and enjoying friends and family over Easter. But the visitors are all gone and the winter is beginning to loosen its grip. This time last week it was bleak winter and over the Easter weekend we walked in the hills near here through deep drifts. Only the visiting dog really enjoyed it, but he was dressed for the weather.digging

But today, in the shelter of the house and out of the biting North east wind there was the whisper of what is to come. There is still a little snow on the ground where it fell off the roof, but most of it is gone now, except from the tops of the hills across the river. There  is, however,  little growth and the wind burn on anything tender and new is severe-new rose shoots killed, euphobia griffithii crisped off, a tall, budding broom split apart. Only the daffodils and a lovely group of the aptly named Chionodoxa, Glory of the Snow, have opened in the garden, but I have seen primroses and a cowslip in flower when we have been out walking, and the first tender shoots of hawthorn.


Today we spent the afternoon gardening; preparing salad and potato beds, tidying up, repotting perennials and the twice daily routine of carrying seedlings and tiny plants to and from the greenhouse. It is unheated and last night I forgot to take the tomato plants into the house. The temperature fell to -1 inside the greenhouse, but I was lucky and the tomatoes have survived. I lost half of my cosmos seedlings one very cold night over the weekend.

The hens, who arrived on the day of the first snowfall, finally had a day without snow in their enclosure. They celebrated by sunbathing. Let’s hope they can do it regularly, and I can join them because  I am heartily sick of this winter.


7 thoughts on “is it nearly spring yet?

  1. I totally agree – I am heartily sick of it too, although the sunshine of the last couple of days is beginning to give me hope. My little japonica (almost killed by last year’s frosts) is growing new flower buds and my peony is pushing up through the earth at last. Fingers crossed for a warm turn in the weather!

    1. The sunshine has been lovely and in many ways I am glad nothing much is pushing through-it was -5 when I fed the chickens this morning! Today is looking promising and as you say, fingers crossed for a turn in the weather.

    1. Yes rain would be good, but I am afraid once it starts it will never stop again! It is very dry on the top but there’s plenty of moisture underneath. I think I would like rain in some places, but not all.

  2. It was all a bit much,, wasn’t it – assuming that, like me, you are now blessed with warmer westerlies. Now hawthorn around here, though I suspect that if I were to venture down the sheltered river walk the trees would be showing more signs of life.

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