and so, slowly into spring

It’s almost here, the Spring I have been impatiently waiting for more than any I can remember. The garden is so very slowly sending up its treasures for inspection. There are some lovely things waiting in the wings but here’s a little taste of plants in flower now, as well as a couple of other highlights…

How is your garden growing? I read somewhere everything is about three weeks late and I have no way of comparing with what was out in my old garden, as it is such an unusual season. It’s going to make for a spectacular April when the wind finally goes round into a warmer quarter-it is still an easterly here and last night was the first without a frost for weeks. I ventured out with a torch to see if there were any amphibians and found two small male frogs and two Common toads. i am still hopeful there will be spawn if/when the females appear.


14 thoughts on “and so, slowly into spring

  1. I loved your pictures – so wonderful to see spring flowers. The snowbanks here are several feet thick with another snowstorm about to leave much more of the white stuff. Ah, spring. I loved seeing the lambs since I seem to knit a lot of British Breeds wool.

    1. Oh, lovely your see you here Kate. Been a long time and I am in new pastures since last we “spoke”. I can only sympathise about the snow-you must be ready for something warmer by now. The lambs are wonderful aren’t they? Makes me smile to see them.

    1. The robin is very bold, its mate less so. We can both feed it by hand and it will fly to wherever we are working in the garden in case there is food on offer.
      The lambs are lovely. They are in the field next to the garden at the moment so we can see them play.

  2. Hurrah, Spring!
    I do love those very dark hellebores.
    I’ve often wondered if I could get a robin to feed from my hand. They are getting closer and closer.. at the moment one looks like it has had a brush with some wet paint!

    1. Worth having a go with the robin. We think the very cold weather helped drive him/her to us for food and now it flies to us whenever we open the back door! Glad it’s not any bigger or it could be intimidating!
      I love the dark hellebores too. They are just starting to open their buds in a north facing, very dry border.

  3. I reckon my garden is at least 4 weeks behind last year but as this is only my 3rd year of recording and each one different I don’t really know what normal is yet!
    It will be nice when spring has well and truly sprung. I’m getting really fed up with it now! That wind is just not nice is it?

      1. Probably not as bad as 2 years ago in terms of temperatures, but much more prolonged. We’re about a month behind garden-wise – if you were here you’d be awash with daffodils. The blackthorn has yet to come out, even if we did have a blackthorn winter! We didn’t see much of the last bout of snow, just a few flurries and bitterly cold.

  4. We’ve had such drought that spring has been dragging her feet but we finally had rain and, literally overnight, the garden turned green! Ahhhhh….

  5. Like you I have nothing really to compare this spring with being new to the garden, but I have been pleasantly surprised by the little clumps of daffs that are popping up where I have cleared over grown shrubs, presumably enjoying the greater light and moisture now that they are not fighting spotted laurel roots. Beautiful saxifrage.

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