joyous sunday

first-egg my-first-eggWhich came first, the chicken or the egg? Today, the definitive answer was provided by Maeve, as clearly she came first-about 3 weeks ago-and her egg arrived today. She announced to the world she was going to lay it and then disappeared into the nest box, like a well brought up girl, reappearing some time later, pleased as punch.

In the nestbox, in a perfect little hollow she had made, was this perfect brown egg. There was general purpose excitement from us and congratulations from the Twittersphere for Maeve-she’s a very modern chicken.

And, as if that was not enough good news, when the driving rain stopped we went out for a short walk, to be greeted by returning swallows and sand martins, calling out their joy at journey’s end. It felt as if they carried the summer in on their wings.


10 thoughts on “joyous sunday

    1. Thank you, Wyandotte. She is a hybrid, a Speckledy, a cross between Marans and Rhode Island Red. The white head is not really typical, but makes her very distinctive in my little group of three.

      1. It was a lovely surprise.One of those child like moments of uncomplicated joy. It’s funny how such simple creatures as chickens are proving to be so entertaining, although the gardener in me has moments of terror as they dig the borders.

  1. Oh lovely!!
    How did she announce the imminent arrival of the egg?
    I’d really love to have chickens, given the entertainment I get from the pheasants, but am also worried about the borders. And the fox.

    1. She wandered around going, and I paraphrase, “Bok, Bok, Bok, Bok, beurggghhhhhh, Bok, Bok…etc”.-the noise they usually make after the deed. We have a 50m wire mesh pen for them for when we are out. It is made to have an electric fencer battery added but we don’t have one yet.
      I am told by those in the know bantams are less damaging to your borders. …..just saying. Pekins are very light and adorable……

  2. Isn’t it wonderful to see the swallows back? The egg has now been joined by one every day, and Mabel is laying too! Your comments were going into my spam folder Janet, for some inexplicable reason. Sorry it has taken so long to reply.

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