front-doorAlmost every day has brought a small miracle to the garden here in the lovely Welsh Marches. On occasion it as been a new and exciting plant beginning to flower, or the discovery of a bird’s nest, the harvest of first peas and potatoes or a perfect blossom.

I have started so many posts and been overtaken by the gallop of the season through the garden before I managed to hit the publish button. There are three draft posts for May, two for June unpublished, laden with pictures as the borders unfolded. The previous owners of the garden lavished attention and pants on it and it has been with childish delight I have watched the show unfold.
I have a sense that the huge surge of energy that followed that cold spring has peaked now and the lazy days are on us. Just looking across the river shows a landscape in high summer colours. The trees are in full dark green, the grass has a hint of yellow, the water in the river is low. It is time to catch the breath, to enjoy these perfect days and the fruits of many hours labour before the next season demands something. It is a good place to be. Happy summer days everyone.



6 thoughts on “bounty

  1. It is glorious! you are right, the flowers are bigger and more beautiful this year after the wet of last summer and deep cold winter.
    How exciting to have surprises every day, compensation for the stresses of moving house.

    Nature does indeed balance out.

    1. It is good to have a rebalancing of the seasons and I am so enjoying some real summer after that real winter. The garden has been one of the great compensations of the move, which was indeed stressful.

  2. I had a feeling, from early on, you were going to have a magnificent garden. The early spring flowerings showed that plants had been selected with knowledge and great taste. You will have such fun tweaking it to get it exactly as you want it. Enjoy!

    Great to have you back too… I’d been missing your posts. Jx

  3. I thought you must be busy enjoying discovering your new garden and thus too busy to post. That’s just the way it should be, but as your previous commenters have said, it is lovely to see you popping up to the top of the posts in my sidebar 🙂

    You may like to look again at the kind of attention the previous owners lavished on the garden 😉

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