mid month flowers

The garden ran out of steam last summer after the early June flush, so this year we have begun to plant perennials for  late summer colour, as well as growing plants from seed.  The verbena is seed raised, and plants survived last winter and have grown much more sturdily this year. I sowed verbena rigida too and that is also much better in its second year.

cleomeThe penstemon I bought at Hidcote some years ago and have propagated it successfully. It is looking good this year, together with Garnet, Sour Grapes and Heavenly Blue. on the left it is backed by the gorgeous spiny seed raised flowers of Cleome .

I’m fond of blue flowers and the Salvia is a wonderful dark purple blue with deepest indigo buds, now 3 feet high and with many buds to come. I’ve taken cuttings as an insurance, in case we have a hard or very wet winter and because I want a big clump next year, to combine with that orange helenium.


Some of the seed raised dahlias, Bishops Children, have come almost exactly true to the Bishop of Landaff. They flower in their first year but like the verbenas, second year plants really bulk up. I recommend the seed as a good way of building a collection of these dark leaved beauties. I bought mine from Sarah Raven. I have been really pleased with all the seeds I have bought from her.

eryngiumOne of my other half’s favourite plants, a joy he shares with the neighbours bees, is Eryngium planum. It has enjoyed the sunshine this summer, as I think we all have. It has certainly been the best one for warmth and sunshine for some years.

The borders are still quite pastel whilst the new perennials begin to bulk up, and some of the stars we put in for high summer are also on the feminine  side. I just adore this combination of Clematis Crystal Fountain and Justa with Gertrude Jekyll rose. It took Crystal Fountain a long time to establish after I bought it from Raymond Evison directly but the £1 purchase of Justa from a supermarket has been much quicker.fondant-fancies

I’m joining in for the first time with Garden Bloggers bloom day, hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens. It’s great to see what is in flower all around the world.





10 thoughts on “mid month flowers

  1. The new borders have matured really well. I was set to have a rather good clump of Rudbeckia Goldsturm but a deer has nibbled it so I’m envious of yours. Clematis Buckland Beauty certainly is, but the rose/clematis combo is truly gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Jess. We are pleased with the borders so far but have to say the magic of photography is making the rather puny clump of rudbeckia look more splendid than it actually is. Slugs are the grazing culprits here.
      The rose/clematis combo is my favourite at the mo.

    1. Thank you Donna. The roses are new in thus year and just coming in with a second flush. I hope yours do the same. I loved seeing the echinaceas on your blog. I’m hoping to grow some here but they need protecting from slugs and snails which are abundant.

  2. Is that Salvia Amistad I espy at the top? Fab plant and gets bigger every year – mine’s over 4ft this year and I only planted it a couple of years ago…

    1. It is indeed. Lovely plant and doing very well. I shall be watching how it copes with a Marches winter very carefully – it’s much damper and colder here than Wiltshire , so I have cuttings in the greenhouse already.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment. Your August blooms are blooming lovely and it looks as if you are well on the way to achieving your goal of late summer colour. It’s something I have struggled with but am slowly getting there. You certainly picked up a bargain when you picked up clematis ‘Justa’ from the supermarket! Look forward to seeing more of your garden in the future.

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