In a vase on Monday

Monday vase I am posting today’s picture after seeing a similar post on Janet’s blog. The idea, begun by Cathy at   Rambling in the Garden, is to post a photograph of a floral arrangement on Mondays, perhaps with props or an explanation about the arrangement or just a lovely photograph to brighten up the start of the week. At least that is my reading of the idea and as this is my first try, am happy to be corrected.

Today I just offer you a taste of autumn here-orange dark leaved dahlias with Michaelmas daisies arranged -no, plonked- in a cheap cut glass vase, sitting on two Moorish tiles brought back from Granada in Spain. The single dahlias are seed grown and producing good numbers of flowers in their first year. If I can get them through the winter, they will be even better next year.


15 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday

  1. Lovely vase Judith – we’re both very good at plonking 😉

    I love that tile too – I seem to remember there used to be a picture of you at the Alhambra on your blog. Was that the same visit?

    1. No, I think it was from a different occasion, but what a brilliant memory you have. The Alhambra remains my all time world favourite garden, although there are obviously thousands still to visit 😉

  2. Great to have you joining us and prepare to be empowered! Thanks for sharing your autumnal vase – are your dahlias Bishops Children? I have some too, but like many of my annuals they were slow starting and have only had an odd flower so far – exciting not knowing what colours to expect! One is a nice pink one, and hopefully I can keep them for next year too. Have you got two different asters in your vase?
    Just a slight ‘correction’ on your understanding of the meme – doesn’t need to be flowers, or a vase even, and we use the word ‘arrangement’ loosely! Think vegetables, foliage, pebbles, twigs – in fact just think out of the box, full stop! – but generally something found in your own garden or in the wild (if pickable). No hard and fast rules though and a photo of an ‘arrangement’ that catches your eye when you are out and about is interesting to see occasionally – although the real essence of the challenge is to find something in your garden every week of the year to pick and bring inside.
    ps The Alhambra is one of the few non-UK gardens I have been to – immediately on my wish list after a Uni lecture many many years ago!

    1. Thank you for the warm welcome and for thinking up a brilliant meme, and for the great explanation about the scope of it. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone else’s ideas too.
      In my vase today there were 2 different asters, although I cannot name either, as both were in the garden when we moved in. The single dahlias are Bishops children, grown from seed I started early In the greenhouse. I kept the darkest leaved seedlings and gave away the others and they flowered quite well. The ones I grew last year and saved over the winter have made good sturdy plants this year with plenty of flowers.
      Ah, the Alhambra. Such lovely memories of a paradise garden. Hope to go again in the next couple of years. I always said my idea of the perfect job would be as a gardener at the Alhambra. On cold winter days here I still think that is true.

  3. Hurrah, delighted to have introduced you to Cathy’s meme, however inadvertently! As a fellow plonker I thoroughly approve of your arrangement, proof that beauty doesn’t have to take hours to achieve. Careful though, its addictive…

  4. Lovely vase; I grew dahlia from seed this year and have been amazed by how well they have grown but I was under the impression that that were annuals, do you think it is worth leaving them in the ground to see what happens next year? Christina

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