The windowsill vase

Window sill daisy
Window sill daisy

I picked this single cosmos two weeks ago and placed it in my favourite Bristol Blue glass vase on the kitchen window sill. Next to it is a ceramic jug with a daisy decoration I have had for several years.
I love the simplicity of daisies and they are linked in my mind with the repeated eye checks I have had over the years, although I have now forgotten when I made the connection.
In the afternoon after I collected and photographed this arrangement I had my second eye operation of the year. It’s gone well and I am glad to be still enjoying the simple beauty of daisies.

Posted to celebrate Monday flowers from the garden in a vase for Cathy at Rambling in the Garden.


5 thoughts on “The windowsill vase

    1. Thank you Christina. I love Cosmos for it’s form and generosity as well as the purity of the white.
      The header view is looking towards our house from just up the road and is just lovely. I will post a picture of the view from the garden. It was one of the reasons we bought the house. It’s pretty special too.

  1. Christina is right about the view – it looks like a river of silky thread in that photo! There must be so may things we have connections with for some unique reason like you and your daisies, so this is an evocative post for you. I love the shape and colour of Bristol Blue vase and it allows the purity of the cosmos to stand out. Hope your eye op is successful and you can once again see your garden differently. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us

  2. I was thinking the same about the view, will look forward to seeing the other too. You must just be relieved to be seeing anything! The idea of eye ops freaks me somewhat, I must admit, I’m glad yours went smoothly. I love both your vases, but particur the one that gives you year-round daisies…

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