November thanks

I love my iPad and I like WordPress but I find the whole blog posting experience can be very difficult when they are combined -one of the reasons I am such an irregular blogger. I started using them in combination when I began to use pictures taken on Apple devices to illustrate posts. It’s quicker and easier to transfer images from them to the WordPress media library and needs no cables to download digital photographs from the camera to the PC first. It’s the incorporation of images afterwards that is challenging. And the infuriating predictive text. Combine that with eyes too sore to spend ages looking at a screen ( or to read for long, or sew or paint or garden for many minutes come to that ) and blogging becomes a task too far.

But I have been blogging for years now and intend to persist despite the ridiculous faff it can be . Thanks to everyone who has had blog conversations with me over the years- this post is for you.

imageYesterday felt like a true autumn day- cool, damp, showery but blessed with spells of brilliant sunshine. In short bursts I managed to plant tulips, a wish left over from last year when we realised how few were in the garden. The OH has been spreading last years leaf mould to add body to the soil under evergreen trees and creating me planting pockets for the bulbs. I’m not supposed to dig or do anything very strenuous at the moment, so I’m very grateful for his strong arms.


We moved pots under cover as a frost was forecast and the ivy leaf geraniums are too good to lose now. I started with one last year, over wintered it and took cuttings this spring and now have half a dozen. If they come through the winter I will repeat the process. The variety is Caliente.

The cutting garden is now moimagestly cleared and has been pressed into service as a grass nursery for the winter. I still need to lift and store some of  the dahlias and will mulch the big old stagers with more of the leaf mould.

The south border is still looking good with yet more roses in bloom – that’s the White of Claire Austin in the grid picture, and the salvia, achillea and verbena continuing to flower. On one of the posts there is a late burst of glory from Clematis sieboldii, a real favourite, and the leaf colour of one of the neighbours Tulip trees is adding to the picture.

imageLooking back over the hedge from the meadow and into the garden there is a blue spruce looking pretty handsome behind the beech in the morning sunlight. When we develop the meadow area some of the hedge will come out but sections will remain to filter the west wind.

And if I turn round at this point and look South, this is the view across the frosty water meadow this morning. There are tiny white dots near the bottom right hand tree. Flying swans. Beautiful.image


11 thoughts on “November thanks

  1. It’s always a delight when a post from you pops to the top of my blog list and I know I will be rewarded with a joyful, newsy read. Thank you for persisting with blogging – it makes the distance we have between us now seem not so far away.

    I’ve just had October’s weather stats from Lackham with news that this morning saw our first frost. Proper Autumn is with us at last – it’s only a matter of time before the Dahlia duvet comes out. Such a shame as I was enjoying having their blooms in November.

    1. Been waiting for that frost so I can lift some of the dahlias and mulch the rest, although it is sad to lose the last flowers. Same with the roses, but we have had such a good run of weather.
      Pleased to see you here VP. Keep me posted on the BUGS meetings if you hear a very good speaker. I know they are all good, but you know what I mean!

    1. PS I was chatting to Mark (the other Chippenham blogger) a couple of days ago and he said you can get a mini keyboard which also acts as a prop for the iPad. I wonder if that might be a possible solution to your problem?

    1. Very welcome here! Yes, I have to concede desktops make for a better wtiting experience but without my tablet i wouldnt be doing any if it any more, i dont think. I love the sitting on the sofa browsing in the evening thing when there’s trash on the TV. Or every eveing, if you like. Perhaps i will just have to bite the bullet and build a sit down and write time into my day.

  2. Thank you for posting the view from your garden for me. It is beautiful but it does look very cold. I usually write my posts on my laptop but use the iPad to read blogs I follow, comment and for responding to comments; that seems to work best for me.

    1. It was a cold morning but the frost was soon gone. One of the joys (and sometimes trials) of keeping chickens is getting up early to let them out. That’s when I get my best lit views of the valley and the hills surrounding us.
      I use the iPad in the same way but sometimes even leaving a comment can be fraught. As for editing the blog…….Nooooooo!

  3. I’m really glad you are persisting, but I know exactly what you mean about the predictive text on tablets, I’ve produced some very “interesting” comments doing what I’m doing now, reading blogs sat up in bed… Gorgeous photos, I didn’t realise you had a meadow to play with too, how wonderful. We had a whole rainbow the other day too, but I failed to capture it on camera.

    1. Oh how the predictive text distorts meaning! The facility to blog in bed and on the sofa is the main driver for continuing with the tablet but boy, is doing anything more than reading a challenge sometimes. Even leaving a comment is a trial.
      The meadow was acquired in the summer. Still waiting for the fencer to come. He’s working on rural time. 😊 and until he does, the rabbits are enjoying the grass and have broken through into the garden 😢

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