IMG_0678What a difference a day makes. Another six hours labour-well twelve really, there are two if us working on this, and progress is good.

By 4 o’ clock we had made and carried the other 3 beds to the meadow, bought the landscape fabric for the paths and cut it to size and installed the first 4 beds, complete with fabric paths.  We had a little extra help today, which obviously made all the difference. They were very keen to make sure we were doing it right. Feathery quality control.



11 thoughts on “Progress

    1. Like ravening wolves, they were! I so value the army of worms that we didn’t let them ” help ” until the last bit of digging. But it’s been a cold winter and they have moulted and are back laying, so I reluctantly shared a few. They can have all the slugs they like !

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