february is for hellebores…

february is for hellebores
february is for hellebores





I love February. The days are lengthening, the birds have started their Spring songs and the quiet earth is beginning to erupt into flower, at least in this climate.

When we moved here we inherited a small but lovely collection of hellebores, 6 snowdrops, and some pretty dwarf irises. It is our third spring and the hellebore collection is expanding. Self sown seedlings are just coming into bud and I am looking forward to seeing the flowers. I have added white Helleborus niger and H. nigercors to the shady apple tree border I am developing this winter, and two new double Credale hybrids from a nursery in Leominster where new varieties are being bred. They are gorgeous plants and I could find space for lots more.

The snowdrops are increasing too. The original half-dozen under the oak tree has increased to a dozen flowers this year. The creatures have left the flowers alone so far and that always helps. I planted a hundred in the green in our first spring and they are beginning to make a small show on a  bank near the front gates. It will be a while yet before they stop the traffic. I’ve added pots bought  from the market-always Galanthus nivalis but sometimes the double form and begged them from neighbours with fabulous displays and gradually the garden is becoming a snowdrop garden. I even bought two pots of Galanthus elwessii last week, but mostly I am content with the simple ones that mirror the wonderful displays in the lanes and woods of Herefordshire.

The little irises are a welcome splash of bright colour. My inherited colony of Katherine Hodgkins continue to flower and are beginning to spread. I’ve had to net them against the pheasants and this year the flowers  are lovely. I’ve planted 3 more clumps along the front of a sunny border and last years Harmony and Alida bulbs are flowering too.  They are so delicate and we love to stop and admire them every time we go out of the garden.

Its taken three days to get this post this far because of computer fights of all kinds. I am thinking of relocating to somewhere I pad friendly as my PC is playing up and WordPress is so temperamental on a tablet. If anyone knows where I can blog or photoblog using my I pad , please let me know. And no adverts would be great too.


9 thoughts on “february is for hellebores…

  1. I have a feeling that the current computing power of apps isn’t quite up to the job for blogging purposes. Adding more than a few words is a pain too so I confine my tablet activities to commenting.

    I’ve just planted out my first Galanthus elwesii this morning. I’m content with good old G nivalis but a concentrated effort to visit as many gardens famous for snowdrops has changed the balance slightly this year and I now find myself with several species and cultivars. A recent trip to Colesbourne Park, home of the family who brought elwesii to the UK was my source – it would have been rude not to have bought some there 😉

    1. Good luck with the G. elwessii- mine are just coming into bud. I would have been tempted to buy too if I had seen the lovely varieties you have, but I’ve been sheltered from fancy ones this spring!
      I’m still thinking about the best way to blog. Or even whether to.

  2. As VP above I tend to use my phone or iPad for comments and the pc for actual posts but that is because my images are on the pc. I think wordpress is still the best option for blogging; why don’t you contact them and ask if they can improve the app for posting. Many of us would be grateful.

    1. I too have my pictures on the PC- most of them- and I used to write posts there. Recently so many ads have appeared whilst I’m writing a post I have despaired of even completing a PC post properly. I can’t begin to think what the post might look like on someone else’s machine.
      I find it is the insertion of pictures into WordPress that causes most problems. Perhaps I will write to them. I have had the blog for many years and am still using the free version. Perhaps if I paid I would have a better chance of making a difference. Sorry if that sounds cynical. Guess I’m just a bit fed up with the struggle.

    1. It’s not been a bad month so far, although we have had a fair few frosty nights..I expect it is milder where you are.
      I’m using cm square black mesh- I think they call it butterfly netting. It’s not too obvious against the bare soil and has protected the irises from birds. Can’t say how it will be against your voracious mice……

  3. Hmm, I’m not having problems with ads and I use WordPress.com for a personal blog and for another I look after. It sounds like some PC tidying up is needed. NAH gets me to clear stuff down from time to time and he also installed an ad blocker – might be worth a try?

    1. Hi Michelle -after my screaming at the computer the OH couldn’t stand it any more and gave the PC the once over and installed an ad blocker. Its my fault. I use Photogrid on the IPad to create photo collages and it behaves very well. I downloaded a copy onto the PC and it arrived with many “friends”. Let that be a warning to me not to download stuff of uncertain pedigree.

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