If time froze…….

If time froze, and I could select that moment from nature’s play list, it would be at an instant in mid May when all was fresh and green. image

The aquilegias are in full, glorious and varied flower, bees humming drunkenly from pretty bonnet to pretty bonnet. image Azaleas zing under a sheltering canopy of trees newly decorated with tiny fresh foliage, each and every morning bringing a fresh delight. image Geums bloom in jam and marmalade colours. This one has made a carpet under the silver birches and new varieties will be added to the mix. And to crown the show, the Queen of flowers has opened-Tree Peony Uchiya Tsubaki image It is a wonderful time of the year. I could live in my garden at the moment and enjoy every single hour spent in the company of the blooms , the bees and the birds.image image

And for a few days I don’t even mind these…..



7 thoughts on “If time froze…….

  1. Beautiful. Hope that the weather will allow for some more lovely days full of tender green and lovely colours in your garden.

  2. They are! She hatched 12, confounding my hypothesis that reared game birds would be hopeless mothers. She is being most attentive at the moment. And they are very cute. I haven’t found her nest but it is somewhere in the garden.

  3. The pheasant chicks are cute, do they do any damage in the garden? I think I would choose mid May as my perfect time in the garden too, or it was this year!

    1. The adults graze young plants – they had most of my young wallflowers this year – but the little ones probably don’t do much damage. The chicken feeder is a draw for the adults. My free rangers are relaxed about sharing their food.

  4. Spring gardens are so hard to leave. Your pheasants are so cute! We don’t have them here. I love your descriptions of the geums in jam and marmalade colors. 🙂

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