Ready, steady ….Party!

One day, in the middle of this last week, the garden reached the page in the script that screamed “PARTY”, and suddenly the Gaiety girls stated to move out from the wings and onto Centre Stage.

White Iris
White Iris

It all started quietly with a tall, willowy white Iris, unknown variety, a gift from a friend, with the description “it might be a white one.” An accurate, if brief description and indeed it is white, with the faintest hint of bluey,lilacy grey in the falls, with soft brown veining. Attractive enough for starters and a good foil for what followed.

Clematis Josephine
Clematis Josephine

The second act, set in the Rose garden, featured the two floosiest clematis I grow, Crystal Fountain and Josephine. Both are flamboyantly feminine with their lavender or pink colouring, shapely petals, double form and central bosses of contrasting stamens.

crystal. fountainn

This is their second season and both plants have come through the winter well. Crystal is a much more substantial plant this year and in garden terms, the plant that travelled furthest to grow here. I ordered this one from the Raymond Evison nursery on the Channel Islands  It is a mouth watering website with a wonderful selection of clematis that Raymond Evison has been developing over many years. I worried about it last year when a cold period late on seemed to bring it to a grinding halt for weeks, but it’s as happy as a pig in muck now with numerous buds.

With the arrival of these two, the stage was set for the CanCan dancers, sporting the most glorious frilly French lace colours. These are the irises Celebration Song, brought from my last garden and finally flowering again, and a pale blue that I cant remember the origin of.

Iris Celebration Song
Iris Celebration Song
Blue Iris

I love Celebration Song -it is an impossibly  feminine flower and all the more special for being so gloriously brief- one of those specimens to love completely while  it lasts and then set aside for another year.

Iris, Azalea, Aquilegia
Iris, Azalea, Aquilegia

These starlets are backed up by a cast of other lovelies. A forest of aquilegias grows amongst the irises and azaleas and that combination is pretty much peaking now. A shame really, because we need the garden to be looking good in two weeks time when we open as part of the village Open Gardens, raising funds for various good causes. But as is often the way  in gardening, I imagine we will be saying-“You should have seen it two weeks ago. It was magic then.”

So for all of my readers, here’s a little preview of what the garden visitors will miss. May is really the loveliest month. Have a good weekend everyone.

Rhododendron Van Wilgens Ruby with blue aquilegia
Lemon azalea, unknown variety with the sweetest perfume
Pink azalea, ice blue aquilegia
Pink azalea, orange throat
Malus transitoria with a cast of pink and purple aquilegias and azaleas
Forget me Not corner



7 thoughts on “Ready, steady ….Party!

  1. Glorious. Thank goodness we have the pictures so we can remember the party once the headiness has passed! Nothing beats experiencing it in person though. Enjoy it while it lasts and have a great weekend.

  2. Beautiful show! Love the azaleas. Here on the Cdn Prairies it was borderline freezing early this morning, after some days of hot weather. What can you do…

  3. Looks fantastic Judith and I’m sure some other starlets will take their place ready for your garden opening. I went to my first village opening in Bibury last weekend and it was lots of fun, so I do hope you enjoy yours.

    By the strangest of coincidences I met the man involved with the choice of trees on our estate last week. He’s now Head Gardener at a fabulous garden in Hampshire and it was rather strange that he knew Cepen Park North so well!

    1. Fingers crossed the forecast winds don’t cause too much havoc this week. We’re really looking forward to the open gardens.
      How curious you should meet the landscaper! I always thought there was a good variety of trees and shrubs although the seedlings of those sycamores still haunt me. I have one growing in a pot I brought with me.

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