Roses and friends


The week following the Open Garden saw us preparing for The Big Party, an event we thought of at about the same time we were asked to be part of the village open Gardens. It seemed like a good idea, as the garden would hopefully be looking its best from all the hours labour we put in to get it ready for its show date.. And so it proved to be, and what us more, during the week between the two events the weather warmed up and the roses tumbled into flower most gloriously. For most of them it’s their second summer and flowering  has been so much freer than last year, as is to be expected.

Along with the roses came the marquee, expertly and efficiently erected by Burgoynes, a local company specialising in such things. The garden slopes gently but noticeably and the flattest area is the new meadow, so that’s where it went. There was a plan for dancing and the slope would have resulted in a general accumulation of guests in a heap at the bottom of the slope! It looked good peeping above the hedge. We thought we quite fancied keeping it…think of the fun and use you could make of a huge tent….


So we made great use of the marquee on party day and the day after. There were friends and family, music and dancing, eating and laughing and many, many glasses of bubbly stuff. The weather was kind, the sun shone and stars followed and the planning of weeks and months led to a fabulous evening and many lovely memories.


And all too soon it was over. The flowers  from the jam jar posies, mostly grown from seed, gathered together, the dress hung up, and within a few days, the party was packed away, marquee and all and just a few bales of straw remain. And the very best memories.



2 thoughts on “Roses and friends

    1. We never stop counting our blessings to be here. It was good to be able to share with our family and friends but I think it will the one and only party in the garden we will ever have. 😉

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