Farewell to 2015

imageThe rain is hammering down again as I wrap up thoughts about 2015. We have not been as badly affected as many parts of the U.K., but it seems a far cry from the weeks of drought that left the pond very low in the autumn. The ground is saturated now and I’m glad of the free draining silt that comprises most of the garden.

It’s the time of year to make plans for next season  beside a cosy fire, although invariably I want to go outside and see everything on the ground again before  I can get a clear picture. I have made notes of plants to move or remove, but seeing it always makes more sense to me. We  made good progress on developing the meadow and continuing to create new beds is the priority of the early Spring.  I ordered more grasses today ,together with more asters, and have masses of seeds to sow to fill the beds and perennials to divide. I can already hear the calling of Spring but then, we haven’t had any winter yet.

There are unseasonable things to be found in the garden. Broad beans are flowering, as are dwarf Iris, hellebores, summer clematis and primulas. No daffodils here yet but there are buds on some. The snowdrops are pushing through and the days are just becoming a little longer.

I will try to be a more regular poster in 2016, at the very least taking part in Wordless Wednesday. In the meantime, I wish you all a peaceful and blessed New Year and happy gardening.


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