January 1

A frosty start to the day, as is fitting for New Years Day, before the rain returned. Even so, there was enough  time for a quick trip round the garden with the camera.

Under the trees in the South Border there are primroses flowering and 2 sorts of Pulmonaria-sacharata and rubra.


  The P. Rubra is spreading under the canopy of Apple trees. It’s spreading quite enthusiastically  but such  a good colour for this season. It withstands the drought under the trees in summer well too, becoming dormant. 
The first snowdrop opened today next to the beautiful Helleborus X nigercors. I planted it last spring and it has bulked up substantially. 

Hellebores do really well in this garden and I intend to add more this Spring.


This one is pretty special too. It’s one of the Credale Doubles I bought last year. Such a clear lemon. 

And last but not least in this quick trot round revealed the beauties below – Iris reticulata Katharine Hogkin. Dependable, beautiful and very early this year. The first bloomed on December  26. We need some winter! 

 What is blooming where you are this strange season?


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