Seeing the light

We’ve spent many hours in the garden this Spring but today  the balance shifted from the work “to do ” in favour of  “done”. There is most definitely light at the end of the tunnel and today was glorious. The send martins are back and this evening we saw the first bats flying over the lawn. 

We’ve cut and planted a new bed, continued extending the prairie, put up an arch, started re-roofing the summer house and weeded (and weeded, and weeded). And put in new plants. That’s the best bit. 

The borders are colouring up, with favourite blooms making their spring reappearance. This is Anemone  nemerosa Robinsoniana, planted last year and thriving, and just a bit further on than Vestal. 

I was so taken with the fragile beauty  of these, bought at Stockton Bury last year , that I added A. nemerosa Blue Beauty when we visited two weeks ago. I posted z picture of that treasure in the last post. 

I think I have more or less finished re- working the website too, so fingers crossed I’m up and raring to go. Happy gardening everyone. And thank you for your visits and comments, all of which are highly valued. 


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