Middle of April

There is a saying about April  providing four seasons weather in one day and this last week, if not day, has done that. The first snow of the winter is falling this morning, although it will not last, and there has been heavy rain, grey gloom, frost, sparkling sunshine and warmth. 


Typically April- black clouds and sunshine

Most of the flowering stars are quite small this month- Anemones, primroses, both wild and cultivated, chionodoxas spreading gently under the trees. The woodlanders, in other words. 


Primroses beneath the trees, summer house under maintenance in the background
The glory of the garden is a Magnolia stellata growing in the lawn and in full bloom now. I love this combination of blossom and sky. 
Magnolia stellata, unknown variety

  It’s about 8 feet tall now and of similar width and smothered in flowers. I don’t know what variety it is- any suggestions? 


Stellata in the snow


4 thoughts on “Middle of April

  1. Maybe M. stellata Rosea? Or possibly Leonard Messel? I have one of the latter, although it is not quite so deep pink in bud. It’s done nothing this year.. yours is a beauty!

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