A flower a day for May

I looked through my phone pictures yesterday and realised some of the floral subjects are so pretty I would like to share them. It’s a time of year when every morning brings a new delight and there are so many still to come. So without further ado I give you

…pastel Aquilegias growing through the purple leaves of a Weigela. The garden has a multitude of aquilegias, both long and short spurred. I’m trying to “edit” the sludgier colours to keep the mixture lively as they tend to revert to a dull pink. 


6 thoughts on “A flower a day for May

  1. Gorgeous combination. I do love the long spurred aquilegias, but judicious editing does tend to be required. A lovely soft pink seedlng has popped up in the perfect location in my front garden, and since generously self-sown deep blue plants have provided me with the perfect fillers for a newly enlarged border, so I am feeling very in sympathy with aquilegias at the moment!

    1. They are gorgeous aren’t they? I have a wonderful range from almost black to white, deepest navy to ice blue, rose to maroon. Combined with both long and short spurred varieties, there are endless possible combinations. So they work in many situations. Great plants, if prolific! And so perfect for filling borders 😉

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