It’s summer

I walk round the garden early every morning when I let the chickens out. It is my favourite time of the day when there is just me and the morning, no chores, no To Do lists, just gazing. I mentally note combinations I like and adjustments needed. In an ideal world I would go in and write them in a notebook. We do not live in such a place, but I have such a book on order. It is the time when I just enjoy the garden and this time of year it is at its most beautiful. 

This morning the garden is like this- sun just catching the Rose and delphinium borders. All the delphiniums are seed raised. 

Delphinium Pacific Giants and Rose “A Shropshire Lad”, above and below, the unnamed clear blue delphinium we inherited with roses Spirit of Freedom and Teasing Georgia. 

The new arch  flanked by Roses Claire Austin and Ferdinand Pichard  with their attendant clematis 

The beautiful, small,  raspberry-rippled Ferdinand Pichard blooms have a gorgeous perfume too. And it is a repeat flowerer. Growing with clematis viticella Madame Julia Correvon, a plant dating back to 1900. 

 It has felt very soothing to have a garden recently. I hope yours is equal balm to you. 


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